Hi! This neocities site is used to store my characters and other projects. please enjoy your stay!

Some of my interests:

Music! Specifically Electronic Dance Music otherwise known as EDM. Lauren Bousfield's label "Nero's day at Disneyland", Pengosolvent, Sophiaaaahjkl;8901, Siriusmo, and Ruby My Dear being some of my favorite artists at the minute.

Pokemon, it's always been one of my favorite games series, even since I was a young kid. Some of my favorite pokemon would have to be Buizel, Turtwig, Umbreon, Joltik, and Mimikyu.

Cartoons! My current favorites are Futurama, Ruby Gloom, Popee the Performer, 1985-1988 Pound Puppies, Dragon Tales, and The Simpsons. Character design and illustration, one of my biggest hobbies ever since I was young. I've always enjoyed drawing and making characters. One of my first ocs was a Fletchling with a baseball hat.

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Character shrines I'm working on down below!